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Is Ebird doing continuous improvement? This is something that we are looking to set up within eBird. I'd also like to recommend adding the year to the Community Questions post timestamps.

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I did a double-take reading this exchange, wondering if people were posting from the near future. I also second the motion to research by observers names.

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If a person is birding my region and is in the top , I feel I should be able to know where they are birding, but if they are not one of the observers to first report any species in my region there isn't any way to find out where they are birding. They can go into species and find out every place that I'm birding. Come on now make this user friendly.

Hi Chris or other eBird staff, I'm curious if this has been resolved yet. The year on the comment timestamp plus the features mentioned above would be very useful and would definitely encourage more use of this great tool. Thanks, Isabel. I agree with this.

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  • I'm going on a birding trip soon and just got the list of participants. It'd be nice to see if any of them are ebirders, without having to search through each of their regions or counties to see if they show up. I'm just guessing here, but I suspect that eBird hasn't got the functionality to apply strong privacy settings selected by each user.

    I wonder if there could be some work done on this? I was recently birding in Japan and would like to have friends be able to view my lists.

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    Maybe have an option for users to select this? Disappointed that there has been no followup by eBird developers on this thread as to a timeline on both the user profile search ability and the date coding of thread posts. I have no idea if this thread is from last year or 5 years ago.

    Having eBird as a tool for birding is such a wonderful resource and I am very thankful for it. It could be so much more powerful if it could be used in building community between birders in an area. The latest news about eBird, birding, ornithology, and conservation delivered to your inbox. Customer service software powered by Desk.

    How Do I Find Information on a Person for Free?

    It appears you have Javascript turned off. You can navigate the site without Javascript, but many features will not work. Ask the eBird Community. Adding a person to a loop does not give them access to anything in the loop, it just simply allows you to have them in the loop for when you're ready to share documents to them, or introduce them to someone else in the loop.

    Let's first navigate down to the people section of your loop, which is located below the documents. We will now be presented with the Add person window. Here we will want to fill in all the information we can, including the name as it needs to appear on the signature line , the email address, and the role.

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    We also have the option to send an intro email, which will let them know that you have added them to a loop. When we select a role, we will be presented with more information to fill out for that specific role. This information will help autofill documents where available! When adding in someone who may not fit the role of a typical signer, we might need to approach adding the person differently.

    See blocked accounts or unblock someone

    The key thing to keep in mind is to add the name of the person as it should appear on the signature line. If the name that needs to appear on the document is different than the name they are signing with, this is okay! We can always manually type in the information on the document. This will allow your client to have a smooth time signing, as their signing name will already be set up for them.

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    If you have someone in your loop and need to edit their name, email, or any information, this can be done in a breeze! To accomplish this on the main loop page, scroll down past your documents to the section labeled People. We may run into circumstances however where we cannot edit the name or email of someone in the loop.

    This will be the case when the person in question has signed up for their own dotloop account. If this is the case, dotloop will display a message in the edit window letting you know to reach out to the person to request them to update their information. In some situations we may have a person who will be working on the transaction with us and will need full access to the loop.

    In this situation, we can add the person to our team.