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Nothing gets solves without talking to people - Thanks for trying to help, this is now 1 week wasted by me - and by all of you - probably would have taken a 30 second call if either of these companies bothered to hire PEOPLE!!! We're going back to Fred-Flintstone land! Al Bell would be rolling over in his grave.

Accessibility features and keyboard shortcuts in Sky Yahoo Mail

Please understand that we are all volunteers doing this on our own time and this website is community-powered therefore Firefox developers are unlikely to read your comments. You can, however, provide feedback for the Firefox developers at input. You always said you sent us a screenshot last week.

Please try the following steps to see if it corrects the problem. Please do them one at a time. You can follow the below instructions to start it in that mode. If Firefox works fine after starting in Safe Mode, then it's most likely one of your extensions misbehaving. You can enable your add-ons back on by one until you find the conflicting extension. Thank you - I reallize you are volunteers. I DID send the screenshot on the 14th - it was never posted! I just can't figure out why there are no paid employees doing this on the phone - an idiotic way to do business!

Clicked on "Basic" and the menu bar showed up. I empathize with Momus.

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It is sad that something happens out of the clear blue like this and no one knows why. My Yahoo Mail tool bar is gone and renders it useless. I can switch to the basic, but I don't like it. It works fine in IE and Chrome, so it has to be something in Firefox. I like Firefox, but I may have to lose it now.

34 Keyboard Shortcuts for Yahoo mail

The only other thing is I dropped my paid Yahoo Mail account, because of the same thing that bothers Momus, No Support! They expect you to wade through hundreds of pages of posts and idiotic ramblings trying to find a solution. I tried to find out why I was unable to change a name in the Contacts, My daughter got married, and it will Not change. There are hundreds of Posts on changing your screen mane and stuff, and one person gave me the instructions for Editing Contacts, which I was smart enough to find on my own, but it didn't work, as I had previously posted.

Just a pure waste of a couple of hours of searching the ramblings of teeny techs.

Even the instruction here are difficult to follow and arcane. Virtually none of them are clear enough to even follow. If I can figure out how to save my Yahoo emails, I'll just get a Google account, which may not be any better. The lack of support, especially, when I paid for the account, is unconscionable.

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It looks like I'll have to switch browsers, as well, to Chrome. I cannot do IE, though. I'd pay for the freak'n browser for some support, but then they'd have to drop all of the ads and crap.


I tried all your steps in Firefox and in the Yahoo. I have no idea why it disappeared without so much as a wrong key depressed. Keep your Firefox browser, it is better for some functions than Chrome or Safari. For multiple accounts, you must use account-hooks and folder-hooks. The regex is the folder to be matched or not if preceded by the! The command tells what to do. Now all your accounts are set, start Mutt. To switch from one account to another, just change the folder c key.

Alternatively you can use the sidebar. With the above shortcuts or with the sidebar you will find that changing folders with c by default is not contextual, i. You can automate this with the following macro:. Keep in mind that writing your password in. One solution is to always enter the password manually, but this becomes cumbersome. An alternative solution is to encrypt your password with GnuPG in an encrypted file.

Setup your own keypair if you have not done so already. Create a file in a tmpfs with the following contents:. Then encrypt this file, setting yourself as the recipient and move it into an accessible location. This can be used in any variable after it has been source. If enter-command is available from the UI, it is possible to see the password unencrypted, which may be undesired if anybody else than you has access to your session while Mutt is running.

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  6. You may want to disable it for this reason. As a consequence, every command that the user intends to use must be bound to a key in advance, otherwise it will never be accessible.

    If you have any Mutt specific questions, feel free to ask in the IRC channel. The default key bindings are quite far from the more common Emacs-like or Vi-like bindings. You can customize them to your preference. Mutt has a different set of bindings for the pager, the index, the attachment view, etc. Thus you need to specify which map you want to modify when you bind a key.


    You can review the list of commands and key bindings from Mutt's help page default key:? Example of Vi-like bindings:. Then append the following to your mutt configuration file e.

    How to setup an email signature in Yahoo Mail

    The first compatible charset starting from the left will be used. Yes, it is named just like a variable, but in fact it is a function. You can clear it completely, which you should do when switching accounts with different headers, otherwise they will overlap:. Now, you can add any field you want -- even non-standard one -- to your header using the following syntax:. Create a. Your signature will be appended at the end of your email. Alternatively you can specify a file in your Mutt configuration:.

    You can use fortune package fortune-mod to add a random signature to Mutt. Man pages will show all available commands and how to use them, but here are a couple of examples. You could use Mutt to send alerts, logs or some other system information, triggered by login through. Simply write your mail using HTML syntax. A common complaint with Mutt is that when composing a new mail or reply , you cannot open another mail i. The following describes a solution:.

    Navigation menu

    This starts Mutt in read-only mode, and you can browse other emails at your convenience. It is strongly recommended to always launch a second Mutt in read-only mode, as conflicts will easily arise otherwise.

    You can install muttprint AUR for fancier printing quality. In your muttrc file, insert:.