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To ensure that an attorney has enough time to prepare a defense--and to file a hearing request to appeal your administrative license suspension--you should speak with an Austin DWI lawyer as soon as possible.

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Your attorney can go right to work contesting your suspension and filing pre-trial motions in an effort to help you avoid a criminal conviction. To learn more about your DWI hit-and-run charge, please contact Attorney Ken Gibson today to schedule your free case evaluation.

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Penalty of Hit and Run DWI Austin, Texas If you were recently charged with a hit and run offense in connection with driving while intoxicated DWI in Texas, you should immediately consult with a defense lawyer to ensure that your rights are upheld. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. He can provide you with sound legal advice as well as representation in the legal process.

Even if you hit a parked car without passengers, or you hit a tree or a mailbox, stop the vehicle. Leave your name and contact information.

Responsibility is Texas state law. At the very least, you face a non-criminal citation for the failure to provide information or render necessary aid.

Penalty of Hit and Run DWI Austin, Texas

Do the right thing. Stop and help anyone involved in the crash. If you were involved in a hit and run accident, our experienced criminal defense team are here to help.

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A car collision or road accident can be an extremely traumatic event. Contact a certified criminal lawyer with former experience as a former assistant criminal district attorney for the state.

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The Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky in Houston has the experience you need to positively affect the outcome of your case. Contact us at to schedule an initial case review now.

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They can also link your car to the scene by getting your license plate information as you drive off or from witnesses. If charged, you will either receive a letter in the mail from the police letting you know of the situation and a request to question you or, if the situation is more severe, the police may come to your home to inform you of the charge.

Texas Hit & Run Car Accidents – What You Can Do

This law is taken very seriously in the state of Texas. Failure to remain at the scene where a person has been injured or killed is a third-degree felony and the penalty can be anywhere from 2 to 10 years in prison.

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To avoid being charged, there are several things you must do at the scene of an accident in which you were involved.