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The staff member helpfully guided me on how to use their records organization. Debra showed me more details, and how to use the Excel spreadsheet indexes on the computer which she noticed are sometimes incorrectly transcribed from the hand-written book indexes.

Key word searches are not easy on the spreadsheet, and the format is clunky to use. Most of the hand-written book indexes are clearly written and readable except for some letter flourishes. It is necessary to skim through all of the names. The names do not necessarily line up with each other as couples. Two of the names were apparently the same bride with a different married surname. She must have married the first man again after having been married to a second man. We may have seen this example in the computer Excel spreadsheet index.

The record number refers to the actual vital records kept in books on space-saving slightly claustrophobic bookcases that may need rolled apart. The order of the books is by type — birth, marriage, death; record range; and year range. Yet we found what we were looking for.

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Later amended or years-after-the-fact vital records may be kept in more current books. We noticed that older records forms have more information required on them than the newer ones. More recent records do not have all that, but what a gold mine to have even most of that information! One has to rely on a staff member to access Winnebago County vital records in Rockford, Illinois. Though I think that they told me by phone that it is possible to search yourself?

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It takes a long time for the person to scan and print out portions of microfiche for a record. They may not have indexes, and may not realize the importance of source information to be attached to that printout. Well worth the trip to anyplace for vital records, if not available on-line. Some government entities do have vital records that you can look at on-line. Some facilities require you to make an appointment first. Most have specific hours or days open, some restrict when genealogists can do research.

Each state may have several different facility locations for where they keep vital records, dependent on how old they are. When records were legally required, and then actually kept, varies. Some states may duplicate or rely on County level records. The on-line databases are digitizing more vital records, but it seems disjointed, hit or miss. Refer to the chart linked below.

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The holidays closures are not uniform across agencies, even within a county. There may be partial or whole closure days adjoining a regular holiday closure. The hours open may change with what day of the week it is, or closures for staff lunch break, etc. There may be seasonal variations. There will be vacations and medical leave absences if you need a particular staff person or specialized service.

Genealogists are often the lowest in order for the busy staff to help. The day that I was there, the courthouse was very busy with requests from the public for getting current vital records registered, and active current needs. One request was for a vital record that a sister wanted of a brother — even though she had a different last name, she was able to get the record with proof of her relationship. I have been actively doing genealogy research for 7 years, and have been able to get by on online computer only so far.

Now I will be more prepared for on-site research. Register by returning form by September 1, The Society gathered up orphans, half-orphans, and abandoned children from streets and orphanages, and placed them on what are now referred to as Orphan Trains. It was Brace s belief that there was always room for one more at a farmer s table. The stories of the individual children involved in this great migration of little emigrants have nearly all been lost in the attic of American history. In this book, the author tells the true story of his paternal grandmother, the late Emily Reese Kidder, who, at the tender age of thirteen, became one of the aforementioned children who rode an Orphan Train.

Emily s journey, as it turned out, was only just beginning. Life had many lessons in store for her — lessons that would involve perseverance, overcoming adversity, finding lasting love, and suffering great loss. McCullough, David G. Keach, Stacy. Graham, Janet, producer. Gray, Edward. Public Broadcasting Service U.

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New York N. The Related Subjects listed will give you suggestions on other terms to use while searching for information on the topic. I realized that the Genealogy copy was misplaced, and put a copy in the right place. Thru the years, I have found it to be the best book about the early history and pioneers of Beloit, Wisconsin.

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I found this site before, and found it helpful. It has several resources, including some lists of the names of people who were buried in Rock County Township Cemeteries, maps, histories, etc. I will add the link to the top Banner of the Blog. We started out way back in March by providing data for the state of Illinois and expanded to cover the other states in March of Blodgett came to the site of the present city of Beloit exploring, attracted by its many natural advantages returned again in June, and spent the summer and fall of breaking land for a farm and getting ready for his family.

Then he went after them and came back in December, , accompanied by his wife, Phoebe Kidder, his sons, Nelson and Daniel, and his son-in-law, John Hackett, who had married Cordelia Blodgett, and who became intimately associated with him in his enterprises. From Thibault Mr. Service men in Rock served in various regiments. Men often joined a company within a regiment that originated in their county. Listed below are companies that were specifically formed in Rock:. See the wiki page Wisconsin Probate Records for information about how to use probate records. Content: Probate records may give the decedent's date of death, names of his or her spouse, children, parents, siblings, in-laws, neighbors, associates, relatives, and their place of residence.

Wisconsin tax records complement land records and can be used to supplement the years between censuses. Because only persons who owned property or other items that could be taxed were listed, some residents were not included in tax lists. There may also be gaps of several years in the tax records.

For more information see the Wiki page, Wisconsin Taxation. Vital records consist of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Most counties started keeping records in the s. In , the counties began sending copies to the state. For pre births, deaths, and marriages, search the Wisconsin Genealogy Index.

For additional information, see Wisconsin Vital Records. Family History Centers provide one-on-one assistance and free access to premium genealogical websites.

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In addition, many centers have free how-to genealogy classes. Family History Library. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here.

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