Where is the motherboard located in a laptop

A hard drive might give you signs of failure, such as blue screens or lost files, but a motherboard will just suddenly stop working.

How Motherboards Work

That being said, here are some things you can try first to ensure the problem is with your motherboard instead of another hardware component. There are some easy troubleshooting steps you can take to determine if your motherboard is going bad. Below we break the troubleshooting procedure into two categories: 1 What to check if the computer still passes the POST and boots or attempts to boot , and 2 what to check if the computer no longer passes the POST or does not even turn on.

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Are you seeing errors or blue screens? Has boot time increased significantly? Do you hear any clicking or loud whining noises? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your harddrive may be going bad. Do graphics-intensive tasks cause blue screens or instability? If so, your videocard may be going bad and will warrant further testing. Also, see our guide on videocard failure symptoms for further troubleshooting. If you have an Intel processor, downloading and running the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool may uncover issues with the processor itself.

If you are still unsure, please also read through our article on power supply troubleshooting.

A visual inspection of the system is suggested to make sure that all components are seated properly and being cooled sufficiently i. Miniature technicians working on a computer circuit board or motherboard. Tech support concept. But the motherboard might still be functional. The first to thing to do is perform a brief visual inspection on the system itself. Are all components seated properly? If the system turns on, are all the fans spinning? If the motherboard has a visual LED indicator, what color is it usually green means everything is OK?

If there is any doubt, try re-seating components as necessary and try starting the system again. This assumes, of course, that the system still turns on. For example, if you remove the RAM and start the computer, does it respond with error beeps? Do note that some modern motherboards no longer support beep codes please consult the manual of your motherboard to make sure yours does.

How Much Should It Cost To Replace The Motherboard On A Laptop?

Power supplies can appear to still be functioning, as the power supply fan may still run, as well as the CPU fan and any lights that you might have on your computer. Finally, there are two more quick tests you can perform. The second is to test the components outside the PC case. We have a great step-by-step guide over on the PCMech Forums that will take you through these steps to determine if you have a short or faulty component.

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