Mobile phone unique id number

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Simply follow the on-screen instructions an email address is required. Once inside your Immobilise account you'll be prompted to add your first item by clicking the button "Add your first Inventory item".

Imei Registration

If you already have an Immobilise account and are signed-in click the green box "Register New Item" on the left hand side to start the registration of your Mobile Phone shown above, left. Click next, the details will be saved and you will be taken to the next step.

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In the "Identifiers" input box add your phone's IMEI number along with any other identifiers you can find for the phone such as a serial number if you have one. Please note adding multiple identifiers increases the likelihood of your item being identified by the Police in the event of its loss or theft.

Once you have added all your identifiers click the the green button "Save" bottom right and you will be taken to the next step. If you have any photographs, a purchase receipt or another relevant document such as an insurance certificate click the blue link "add one now!

The MAC address is unique for all devices and it works for all kinds of devices.

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  4. We can get the Unique ID for android phones using the Bluetooth device also. The Bluetooth device address is unique for each device having Bluetooth hardware.

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    Advantages of using Bluetooth device address as Device ID: It is unique identifier for all type of devices smart phones and tablets. As per me these are few of the best possible ways to get the Unique Device ID for Android smartphone device and their pros and cons of using it.

    Change the unique Serial number of Android device

    Now it is upto you to decide which method to use based on the Android application development requirements. If there are any other methods to get UDID and that covers up the disadvantages of above methods, then I would love to explore those in my Android application.