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You may also call for information on level one, or two or three offenders. For information on paroled sex offenders, you can also go to Parents for Megan's Law.

Again, go to the website of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and choose one field to search the subdirectory by the last name, by county or by zip code. Then hit the "search" box to see if the person you are investigating is in this registry. Please note that the Sex Offender Registry now posts multiple photos of these registered sex offenders as they become available.

This can provide more information for New Yorkers to keep their families safe. In addition, the registry also lists aliases of these offenders. The DCJS cannot post information on Level 1 low level sex offenders or those with a pending risk level in your neighborhood. But the agency can advise if a particular individual is on this registry. Do I have to report domestic violence? Do I need an attorney if I am charged with a minor crime? Do I need an attorney if I plan to plead guilty?

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I suspect that my child may have even sexually abused. But I am not sure. I was arrested for committing a crime.

New York sex offenders Registry expands to multiple photographs

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NYS Sex Offender Registry

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Sex Offender Registry

Registered sex offenders are assigned a risk level by judge after a court hearing: Level 1 low risk of re-offense ; Level 2 medium risk of re-offense , and Level 3 high risk of re-offense. By law, only Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders are included in this online directory. Get information about Level 1 offenders and offenders whose risk levels have not yet been determined by a judge by:.