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Disclosing Utility Customer Billing Information

Municipal Code and Charter. Council Meeting Agendas and Voting Results.

Background Checks and Criminal Records

Land Use Code. Interactive mapping application with Council districts, crime stats, floodplains, snow routes, and more. Open Book. List of ordinances being considered by City Council and other items requiring public notice. Traffic Accident Reports. County agency employees should consult with their county prosecuting attorney or in-house counsel regarding legal decisions on public records or confidentiality.

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  5. Request Policy.

This provision re-emphasizes the importance of responding to records requests in a timely manner, which may require stream-lining and restructuring of records responsibilities in some public offices. Mandamus-related court costs may be awarded to the requestor if either the public office fails to respond affirmatively or negatively to the records request within a reasonable time-frame, OR the public office promises the records to the requestor, but fails to fulfill that promise within the specified period of time. Court costs and attorney's fees are meant to be remedial and not punitive.

The public records policy adopted may not place any limits on the number of public records that the office will make available to a single person, or during a fixed period of time, and may not establish a fixed period of time before it will respond to a request for inspection or copying of public records, unless the period is less than 8 hours.

If the training is provided by the AG, it must be at no charge to the official or designee.

EPUD Public Records Request - Emerald People's Utility District

If the training is provided by a public or private contractor for the AG, the AG can establish a reasonable registration fee, for which the official or designee can pay with public office funds. Upon receiving a request for records and in deciding whether to release a record, the person receiving the request must first determine whether the record being requested is a public record.

The statute then sets out thirty-one specific exceptions and one general exception.

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  • Thus, although the starting premise is that all records held by any public office are "public records" that must be released to anyone upon request, part or all of a record may actually be withheld or redacted if it fits within one of the exceptions set out in the statute. Records pertaining to actions under sections Both sections make reference to Juvenile Abortion Permission Records.

    Trial Preparation Records - Any record that contains information that is specifically compiled in reasonable anticipation of, or in defense of, a civil or criminal action or proceeding, including the independent thought processes and personal trial preparation of an attorney. Confidential Law Enforcement Investigatory Records - any record that pertains to a law enforcement matter of a criminal, quasi criminal, civil, or administrative nature, but only to the extent that the release of the record would create a high probability of disclosure of 1 the identity of a suspect who has not been charged with the offense to which the record pertains; 2 an information source or witness to whom confidentiality has been reasonably promised; 3 information which would tend to disclose the identity of a source or witness if confidentiality was reasonably promised; 4 specific confidential investigatory techniques or procedures or specific investigatory work product; or 5 information that would endanger the life or physical safety of law enforcement personnel, a crime victim, a witness, or a confidential information source.

    Intellectual Property Records - a record, other than a financial or administrative record, that is produced or collected by or for faculty or staff of a state institution of higher learning in the conduct of or as a result of study or research on an educational, commercial, scientific, artistic, technical, or scholarly issue, regardless of whether the study or research was sponsored by the institution alone or in conjunction with a governmental body or private concern, and that has not been publicly released, published or patented.

    Donor Profile Records - all records about donors or potential donors to a public institution of higher education except the names and reported addresses of the actual donors and the date, amount, and conditions of the actual donation. Residential and Familial Information of a peace officer, parole officer, probation officer, bailiff, prosecuting attorney, assistant prosecuting attorney, correctional employee, community-based correctional facility employee, youth services employee, firefighter, EMT, and BCII investigator -.

    However, this exception does not apply to journalists defined as a person engaged in, connected with, or employed by any news medium, including a newspaper, magazine, press association, news agency, or wire service, a radio or television station, or a similar medium, for the purpose of gathering, processing, transmitting, compiling, editing, or disseminating information to the general public who may access a personal residence address or the employer address of the spouse, former spouse or child if any of them are employed by a public office. Plain Dealer vs. City of Cleveland , Ohio St.

    Photos would have identified persons as peace officers.

    Carr vs. City of Akron , Ohio St. Information pertaining to the recreational activities of a person under the age of eighteen.

    Response Policy

    This means information that is kept in the ordinary course of business by a public office, that pertains to the recreational activities of a person under the age of eighteen years, and that discloses: the address or telephone number of a person under the age of eighteen or the address or telephone number of that person's parent, guardian, custodian, or emergency contact person; the social security number, birth date, or photographic image of a person under the age of eighteen; any medical record, history, or information pertaining to a person under the age of eighteen; any additional information sought or required about a person under the age of eighteen for the purpose of allowing that person to participate in any recreational activity conducted or sponsored by a public office or to use or obtain admission privileges to any recreational facility owned or operated by a public office.

    Records provided to, statements made by review board members during meetings of, and all work products of a child fatality review board acting under RC Sections Besser vs.

    EPUD Public Records Request

    Ohio State University, 87 Ohio St. City of Akron, Ohio St. Financial Statements and data any person submits for any purpose to the Ohio housing finance agency or the controlling board in connection with applying for, receiving, or accounting for financial assistance from the agency, and information that identifies any individual who benefits directly or indirectly from financial assistance from the agency. Names and other identifying information regarding children enrolled in or attending a child day-care center or home subject to licensure, certification, or registration under RC Chapter ;.

    Names and other identifying information regarding a person who makes an oral or written complaint regarding an institution, association, child day-care center, or home subject to licensure, certification, or registration to the department or other state or county entity responsible for enforcing RC Chapter Usage information, including names and addresses of specific residential and commercial customers of a municipally owned or operated public utility. Enacted by th General Assembly in House Bill Identifying information about any person involved in the manufacture, transportation, distribution, testing or administration of equipment or drugs used in lethal injections for death sentences, as described in RC Orders for active military service of an individual serving or with previous service in the U.

    A record falling within one of these exceptions is not required to be released but may be released at the discretion of the state or local governmental agency that holds the records unless release would violate guidelines or restrictions set out in federal or state statutes, regulations or rules. If a record contains some information that falls within an exception, the state or local governmental agency may or must depending upon the exception edit redact the excepted information and release the public record portion. Child Support Program.

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